11 thoughts on “NEXT INVESTMENTS

  1. mitä eroa on tolla pro:lla ja sun nykyisellä koneella? Ja miks just Australiaan? :))

  2. Mun MacBook on jo reilut 5 vuotta vanha joten se on jo alkanut hidastumaan, uusi kone olisi paikoillaan. Varsinkin kun teen niin paljon “töitä” konella 🙂

    Australiaan sen takia että siellä on kesä kun täällä on talvi 🙂

  3. dude! yes! australia! i live in sydney! we can totally hang out! been following your blog for years since you were on wordpress! would be so cool to meet you in person!

  4. dudeeeee i cant even explain how happy this post made me! ive been having a rough time lately and this post just made it somehow a little better. i am so looking forward to see you in australia! COME TO SYDNEY! we can hang out and go to parties and shit ya knowwww! man, this is gonna be DOPE! im a girl by the way. 19.

  5. ei ei, en ymmärrä, i just follow your blog for some reason! i can understand bits and pieces of the language, i understand mostly the oulun dilect, like 10% of finnish. i actually just came back from a trip to finland, oulu to be specific. i know how to command a dog to sit, istu! haha

  6. google translatella pystyy muuttaa ton tekstin englanniks? 😀 ja tossahan lukee one way ticket to australia joka on englantia…

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